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Top Foods To Avoid Acid Reflux

“You are what you eat.”


Food is one of the basic needs of man. We are required to eat so that we can live, have energy and perform our daily activities.People explore different places to savor different kind of food aside from experiencing the place. We have to keep in mind that anything in excess is bad. Balance and control is needed. This is our body and we have to be responsible for it. Eating healthy food will give us a happy and longer life. The digestive system is one of the most sensitive part of our body.


Acid Reflux Difference


We sometimes experience acid reflux, heart burn and GERD. This terms are used like they are similar to each other yet there are different qualities with them. Let us cite the difference for each.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a reoccurring and more serious form of acid reflux. Heart burn is an illness you feel when acid burst up and out the stomach which is a bit similar with acid reflux. Acid Reflux is when the stomach acid burst up from the stomach into the esophagus.Now we know the difference for each of the terms that is often confused to be similar to each other.


Reasons of Acid Reflux


Here are probable reasons why we get acid reflux and we will know it further;


  • Eating huge meals or resting after a meal
  • Being fat or hefty
  • Eating heavy meals
  • Nibbling near bedtime
  • Eating various food like citrus, mint, onions, garlic, chocolate, tomato, spicy and greasy food
  • Drinking refreshments like alcohol, soda, coffee or tea
  • Smoking cigar
  • Pregnancy
  • Taking pain reliever and blood pressure medicines


There may be other reasons not listed above and feel free to share about it. Being aware of its causes and taking action to somehow reduce doing these activities will help eliminate having acid reflux attacks.


Signs of Acid Reflux


  • Heartburn – a stinging pain or distress that starts from the stomach to the abdomen or chest and rise up to the throat.
  • Regurgitation – a briny taste acid that stays on the throat or mouth.


Other Signs of Acid Reflux


  • Bloating
  • Black or bloody stools or bloody vomit
  • Burping
  • Nausea
  • Hiccups that don’t let up
  • Weight loss for unknown reason
  • Wheezing, dry cough, hoarseness or chronic sore throat
  • Dysphagia – narrowing of the throat, which feels that food is stuck on the throat


Consulting a doctor if any of the signs above has been seen should be done soonest. We should not neglect the situation and ask for an expert’s advice. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The earlier we ask for help the better our health will be and the soon we will recover from our sickness.


Foods that prevent Acid Reflux


  • Couscous and Rice

Couscous also known as semolina wheat, which is a known dish from Northern Africa. Brown rice and bulgur wheat are excellent foods for acid reflux.  The more complicated the carbohydrates are, the good it will be for our body.

  • Oatmeal

The snack that we can eat at any moment of the day. It stuffs our body well and great news is no reflux attached. Good for the heart, too.

  • Parsley

Over the thousand years, parsley has proven as an herbal medicine a relieve for stomach and support digestion.

  • Ginger

With restraint of use Ginger, it is one of the finest when it comes to averting acid reflux. History is a witness of how ginger works its wonders with reducing inflammation and gastrointestinal problems. Plus, it solves other problems like sore throat and many others.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great essential healing agent for acid reflux. It also helps with the hair and scalps conditions that we have.

  • Salad

For people who has acid reflux, the basic food recommended is salad. There are some veggies that is a no-no which are tomatoes and onions. Too much cheese and dressings should also be restricted. For dressings, it is better to measure them rather than to put whatever you like.

  • Banana

It is awesome snack and an excellent acid reflux reducer. However, there is a chance that it will work for you and will not for others. Once you feel different while eating bananas, then better to just stop.

  • Fennel

It is a good food for acid reflux and enhances the stomach task. It has a distinct taste – licorice flavor. It can be mixed on salad along with arugula and baby spinach, with chicken meals and a snack if you want to munch it.

  • Turkey and Chicken

The basic when you have acid reflux. It can be baked, grilled, boiled or sautéed. Removing the skin is recommended because it is high in fat. Avoid frying it, too.

  • Fish and Seafood

Another necessity for acid reflux people. Like turkey and chicken, same cooking process can be done except boiling and frying. Lobster, shrimp and other shellfish are good food products to eat as well.

  • Roots and greens

Asparagus, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and other greens are excellent foods to avoid acid reflux. It is highly recommended to eat roots and greens for acid reflux prevention.

  • Celery

Celery is calorie free since it has high water content and a good decision for food intake when experiencing acid reflux.

  • Melon

Like banana, it is well to be eaten by people who has acid reflux yet it may also be avoided if it is not working for you. Other family fruit of melon that can help reduce acid reflux are honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon.


Fruits and veggies would work hand in hand to say goodbye to acid reflux. Eating the right food along with proper exercise will help you achieve a healthy body. Acid reflux is not easy to handle because like any illness you will feel uneasy with it. It affects your eating habits and if it will get to worst, it will affect your life. If this happens, better to see the doctor and ask help.

Foods that help to avoid acid reflux is just around us. Acid reflux can be prevented by balancing our food consumption and planning our meal correctly. I believe that our mind can still control whatever illness that we feel. We have to learn to adjust since as we grow older, the more that we need to be conscious of what we eat.

Updated: March 14, 2017 — 2:01 pm
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